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Hello les ptits loups,
Je suis une grande fan du style anglais et des anglais je tenais donc à vous présenter cette marque londonienne Betty B 'un petit bijoux' mais je n'en dis pas plus la créatrice Betty a accepté de répondre à nos questions. Et comme on est parfaitement bilingues on a laissé l'interview en anglais YES!

Hi little monsters,
I'm a huge fan of english style and English people that's why I really wanted to present you this London based brand Betty B which is amazing but I can't say too much, the designer herself Betty accepted to answer our questions.

Can you tell us about Betty B?
Betty came to fruition when I moved to London from the South of France. I started a course in a local college and channelled all my inspiration from my childhood in the French countryside into making my first BettyB apron dress. I wanted the dress to be a modern, up to date version of the old -fashioned housedress worn by previous generations of grand-meres. I wanted it to be practical yet sexy. I was obsessed with the idea of a house dress that could be sexy in an understated way and could be worn inside the house but transition to the outside. A house dress has such erotic appeal and I was referencing neo-realist cinema as well as the dress worn by Jessica Lange in “The postman always Rings Twice”. My friends loved it and BettyB was born.

What are your inspirations ?
Old French films by Luis Bunuel, Robert Bresson and Godard. Old ladies in the South of France with their natural grace and simple elegant baskets and hats. Vintage apron fabrics. The French countryside and London girls!

What’s your favourite piece and why?
The Marigold dress is my favourite piece because it happened totally spontaneously. It was a case of spotting the fabric on Portobello Market and whipping it up into a fairytale dress. Stunning, tongue in cheek and completely wearable. An order came from New York within a week!

What do you love most about your work?
Working with other people who love what I do. Its so much fun to share your passion with other people and realise how much love goes into each piece.
The most wonderful moment is obviously seeing the joy in someone's face when they look in the mirror and get super excited by what they see!

A trend to follow in London?
I like the return to the 90s grunge and shrunken cropped jumpers/tops over dresses (check out the latest issue of Vogue Italia)

A basic in your wardrobe?
Lizzie dress in polka dash as it suits every occasion!
3 words to describe Betty B?
Playful, feminine and flirty

Your playlist for the summer?
Lemon Jelly
Billie Holiday
Al Bowley
Waldeck – Ballroom Stories
Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill
Keane – Night Train

Projects for 2010/11 -
We will be concentrating on expanding knitwear making cropped jumpers and knitted
playsuits using vintage wool in a range of vibrant and mouthwatering colours.

Marigold Dress

Lizzie Dress

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